My Portfolio

This is a brand book for a ski resort in Sisters, Bend that I created with a team. Hoodoo was in need for a new direction so we produced several campaigns for them. With weeks of research, collaboration and most importantly creativity, we created this brand book to help promote this ski resorts image.






I came across Kati Moses during a quick refuel moment at Wendy’s. As I picked away at my burger I watched this woman interact with several customers and couldn’t help myself from wanting to know her story. She stood at her register as if it were a stage and treated each customer as if they were VIP fans accompanying her to an after party. I knew she had a good story to which brought her to where she is in life, so I went back a few days later and asked if I could interview her with my camera and this is what me and a few friends came up with.






Well, this is me. My family loves me because they have to, my friends are stuck with me, but you my dear have the option to still run while you can… or stick around and have some fun with the rest of us.


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