The Starting Line

Why I decided to get into advertising-

I remember those brutal days back in middle school when you felt like your whole world was coming at you faster than a stampede of loose ostrich. There was so much pressure to begin shaping your life, and I felt the immense weight on my shoulders at all times to find out what my career should be. So many things depend on what you do as a child. They make all the fun careers end in your early 20’s, like athletes, movie stars and models, so as a 15 year old I was constantly placed in front of my count down clock of opportunity to get with it. Every activity I did, watched or read about I asked myself “Can I make money doing this? Do I want to do this for the rest of my life? Where will this lead me when I’m older with a family?”  Talk about stress for a youngster.

So I laid out everything I’m good at, and things I like to do. I’m creative. I love people, and I love life. Crap, I’m going to be poor.

But then I realized I can do something that’s going to change the world, and it all started with an embarrassing movie: “What Women Want” starring Mel Gibson. Yup, this is when I realized I wanted to go into advertising.

I had been dancing around the idea of creating things for people, and getting to use my imaginative, fun and outgoing personality to accomplish big goals but I didn’t know what the title was for that. While I watched Mel Gibson research a product inside and out, and get to design a concept for a community that related to it, I realized that I belong somewhere and that somewhere was in an advertising agency.

So here I am, I’m ready to create something.


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