29. Well played Smart Water

Smart Water isn’t the first company to use blatant thinking during their ad to intrigue people, although I’m a sucker for Jennifer Aniston so I’m focusing on this example:

Smart Water made a very wise decision sponsoring this well-known actress for their product, and have done a great job keeping up the image with modern formats to advertise. You can’t go long without seeing Jennifer’s face plastered somewhere in public, and along with her is always one of Smart Waters bottles. It’s advertising within an Advertising, gotta love it.  I stumbled upon this ad below after someone had posted it to Facebook (thanks Shannon), which shows you how well their promotion is working when people share it for fun on their own. This ad still compliments the campaign’s modern incorporation on what the social media population is drawn too yet adds their own originality to it.

This is a very well planned out campaign strategy for getting multiple hits, as well as a great idea that could not have been pulled off by many sponsors. Rachel, you’ll always be an American favorite.


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