30. Sleek Lexus commercial

Lexus has weaved their sleek clean look from their cars, straight into their advertising. Their newest ads showcasing the ES models has captured my attention because of the modern use of videography combined with their constant grey tones to compliment their classy models. They aim for the prestigious and they do it well by incorporating the good-looking ones driving their cars.

I was really inspired to look up more of their commercials at the 15 second mark in this particular ad. The impressive slow motion movement into the car, slowly exhibiting the inside work, then the gradual transition back out of it, with the perfect timing of their tag line,  “the pursuit of perfection” could not have grabbed my attention any more. They executed the demonstration of their car both internally and externally while still keeping their consistent modern format and even leaving the viewers with a cliff hanger of their next model at the end.

Although Lexus doesn’t make my favorite commercials, I commend them for their consistency, and their great tag line that is fit for them.


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