28. Police are marking occupiers with invisible ink

Police have decided to use a tagging system to identify protestors that are causing problems in the Occupy movement.

Montreal police mark Occupiers with invisible ink

This invisible marking tool has been in use for years, and is highly encouraged all over the world. It  can be used to solve burglary crimesunderage drinking and is used most commonly here in the states for club use.

The only obstacle I see in using this tool is that there are legal obligations to fulfill which can probably be  easily avoided with a statement from the police to the criminal before each use.

The blog below explains the use of it, and several times they explain that the biggest problem is that they just weren’t aware of what was going on.


We need to keep in mind that these people are committing crimes. At this point their rights aren’t first priority.

I have no problem with the police using this to make their job easier, in order to protect the rest of us. Mark away those Occupy Hooligans, maybe that’ll force them to go home and shower.


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