26. America dreams in plastic form

(((insert comical white bread comment here)))

You have to admire the dream they display here. From meeting prince charming to wearing “perfectly tailored clothes of unmatched quality”. The best part is that nothing has changed. Their newer commercials, like the one below, broadcasts what I think a 12-year-old boy imagines girls doing- Hot girls all living together, taking baths and sipping tea in their sexy lingerie.

I was on the search to compare the contrast between Barbie’s first image, thinking that over time that the doll has become more risqué and physically unbelievable, but there really isn’t all the much different. Some of the new ones have fish net stockings and go to rock shows now, but the over all american dream is still spewing from the plastic box. Accessories, frat parties and sun dresses, even after 50 years, are still what every little girl dreams of, apparently.


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