23. Occupy sales that give back

Finally, someone summed up how I feel about the occupy X movement.

What MattWillWork is explaining here, with clear wit and appreciated bluntness, is that a better  (more positive/effective approach) to their protest is to start supporting sources that are proving themselves as outstanding contributors to society instead of complaining about not being successful at life.

Look at these major brands:

Johnson and Johnson
Tom’s Shoes

Occupy protestors believe that companies like these are the evil contributors to their failures when in reality, these “horrible, scary, mean corporations” are actually doing everything they’re fighting for.

TARGET gives back five percent of their profit back to the community to support education, the arts, and social services. That’s more than three million dollars per week.

JOHNSON AND JOHNSON supports programs for women and children struggling in places with limited health care/education and with little or no social support. They also support programs that help prevent chronic diseases like HIV/AIDS/mental illnesses, have a World Wildlife fund and go beyond government standards for reduced operating systems to have a smaller carbon footprint.

EBAY allows charitable fundraising on site, making it easily accessible for people to donate to charities. In 2009 they started a  “give at checkout” donation collection from their customers, aquiring 230,000 dollars, which they then matched. They also have a thriving “green team” project that helps consumers think and buy green.

TOM’S SHOES started and maintains a water project for developing countries, and gives a pair of shoes to someone less fortunate for every pair sold. Enough said.

I’m part of the 99 percent that think these protestors need to quit complaining, get a job, and start occupying the part of our society that contributes.


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