30. Sleek Lexus commercial

Lexus has weaved their sleek clean look from their cars, straight into their advertising. Their newest ads showcasing the ES models has captured my attention because of the modern use of videography combined with their constant grey tones to compliment their classy models. They aim for the prestigious and they do it well by incorporating the good-looking ones driving their cars.

I was really inspired to look up more of their commercials at the 15 second mark in this particular ad. The impressive slow motion movement into the car, slowly exhibiting the inside work, then the gradual transition back out of it, with the perfect timing of their tag line,  “the pursuit of perfection” could not have grabbed my attention any more. They executed the demonstration of their car both internally and externally while still keeping their consistent modern format and even leaving the viewers with a cliff hanger of their next model at the end.

Although Lexus doesn’t make my favorite commercials, I commend them for their consistency, and their great tag line that is fit for them.


29. Well played Smart Water

Smart Water isn’t the first company to use blatant thinking during their ad to intrigue people, although I’m a sucker for Jennifer Aniston so I’m focusing on this example:

Smart Water made a very wise decision sponsoring this well-known actress for their product, and have done a great job keeping up the image with modern formats to advertise. You can’t go long without seeing Jennifer’s face plastered somewhere in public, and along with her is always one of Smart Waters bottles. It’s advertising within an Advertising, gotta love it.  I stumbled upon this ad below after someone had posted it to Facebook (thanks Shannon), which shows you how well their promotion is working when people share it for fun on their own. This ad still compliments the campaign’s modern incorporation on what the social media population is drawn too yet adds their own originality to it.

This is a very well planned out campaign strategy for getting multiple hits, as well as a great idea that could not have been pulled off by many sponsors. Rachel, you’ll always be an American favorite.

28. Police are marking occupiers with invisible ink

Police have decided to use a tagging system to identify protestors that are causing problems in the Occupy movement.

Montreal police mark Occupiers with invisible ink

This invisible marking tool has been in use for years, and is highly encouraged all over the world. It  can be used to solve burglary crimesunderage drinking and is used most commonly here in the states for club use.

The only obstacle I see in using this tool is that there are legal obligations to fulfill which can probably be  easily avoided with a statement from the police to the criminal before each use.

The blog below explains the use of it, and several times they explain that the biggest problem is that they just weren’t aware of what was going on.


We need to keep in mind that these people are committing crimes. At this point their rights aren’t first priority.

I have no problem with the police using this to make their job easier, in order to protect the rest of us. Mark away those Occupy Hooligans, maybe that’ll force them to go home and shower.

27. Very courageous young man

I have two words I won’t tolerate in my presence: The “N” word, and what I call the “F” word, fags. Zach Wahls is boldly standing up for a sensitive subject, when most people won’t even say anything if their told something offensive directly to them. Stick up for what you believe in. This 19-year-old demonstrated more courage then what I’ve seen in a long time and he, as well as his family, deserves to reap the rewards from it very soon.

26. America dreams in plastic form

(((insert comical white bread comment here)))

You have to admire the dream they display here. From meeting prince charming to wearing “perfectly tailored clothes of unmatched quality”. The best part is that nothing has changed. Their newer commercials, like the one below, broadcasts what I think a 12-year-old boy imagines girls doing- Hot girls all living together, taking baths and sipping tea in their sexy lingerie.

I was on the search to compare the contrast between Barbie’s first image, thinking that over time that the doll has become more risqué and physically unbelievable, but there really isn’t all the much different. Some of the new ones have fish net stockings and go to rock shows now, but the over all american dream is still spewing from the plastic box. Accessories, frat parties and sun dresses, even after 50 years, are still what every little girl dreams of, apparently.

25. My work, online for your convenience

Click the link below to witness brilliance, produced by me.

Katie Turtura’s Website



24. Caution: contagious crap

You know when there’s a major catastrophe, or traumatic experience that happens, you always remember where you were and what you were doing? Think about what you were doing when you first heard Rebecca Black’s “Friday” song, and I bet you’ll be able to conjure up specific details about the moment you were subjected to this nation wide epidemic.

My first viewing of the monstrosity was at home with a friend, but I was more shocked to walk into one of my ad classes last year and hear the contagious beat playing while we took our seats. My teacher played the video, and while shaking his head in disgust asked how many of us had already seen it. Unfortunately, over half the class of 150 students raised their hands.

His message: Bad advertising will get seen just as much, if not more, than good advertising.

My professor made an interesting comment while talking about the viral video, that is similar to when someone smells something gross. You want to share it. Rebecca Black produced a song that was dubbed “worst song ever” by many music critics and yet after you saw it, you called someone to show them first hand just how bad it was.

The “Friday” song was viewed over 167 millions times with thousands of parodies made about it. She then later made another song that hit the million view mark within the first few hours after launch.

All. Because. It. Was. That. Bad.

Months later and people are still doing renditions of it, including a new version I heard on the radio less than 24 hours ago. Now, it’s on a national ad for Kohl’s black friday sale.

This is very discouraging. It makes me think that in order to be successful, you just have to produce a complete train wreck so that everyone wants to see it, upload it, share it and talk about it. It’s moments like these that I remind myself of my favorite quote from author Augusten Burroughs,  “you’re only as good as your last ad” which inspires me to only produce the best I can is. Rebecca may have received millions of views, but that doesn’t mean that anything positive came out of it.

The worst part about all of this, is that this song will be stuck in my head for the rest of the day, damn it.

23. Occupy sales that give back

Finally, someone summed up how I feel about the occupy X movement.

What MattWillWork is explaining here, with clear wit and appreciated bluntness, is that a better  (more positive/effective approach) to their protest is to start supporting sources that are proving themselves as outstanding contributors to society instead of complaining about not being successful at life.

Look at these major brands:

Johnson and Johnson
Tom’s Shoes

Occupy protestors believe that companies like these are the evil contributors to their failures when in reality, these “horrible, scary, mean corporations” are actually doing everything they’re fighting for.

TARGET gives back five percent of their profit back to the community to support education, the arts, and social services. That’s more than three million dollars per week.

JOHNSON AND JOHNSON supports programs for women and children struggling in places with limited health care/education and with little or no social support. They also support programs that help prevent chronic diseases like HIV/AIDS/mental illnesses, have a World Wildlife fund and go beyond government standards for reduced operating systems to have a smaller carbon footprint.

EBAY allows charitable fundraising on site, making it easily accessible for people to donate to charities. In 2009 they started a  “give at checkout” donation collection from their customers, aquiring 230,000 dollars, which they then matched. They also have a thriving “green team” project that helps consumers think and buy green.

TOM’S SHOES started and maintains a water project for developing countries, and gives a pair of shoes to someone less fortunate for every pair sold. Enough said.

I’m part of the 99 percent that think these protestors need to quit complaining, get a job, and start occupying the part of our society that contributes.

22. Careful what you ask for

I was having a dry spell for ideas for blog posts so I asked the closest person to me in a coffee shop if they have read anything interesting lately. The middle-aged, semi-homeless, and apparently drunk (at 8:45 am mind you) was very quick, and very pleased, to inform me that having sex with animals gives you penis cancer.

Yes, this really happened. And yes, he’s correct.

According to the article, ” Sex With Animals Linked To Penile Cancer”, “A new study finding that men who had sex with animals in their lifetimes were twice as likely to develop cancer of the penis as others.” The article details with, “The study of 492 men from rural Brazil found that 35 percent of study participants, who ranged from 18 to 80 years old and included both penile cancer patients and healthy men, reported having sex with animals (SWA) in their lifetimes.”

Another article, “Study Links Bestiality, Penile Cancer”, explains that,” ‘We think that the intense and long-term SWA practice could produce micro-traumas in the human penile tissue,’  lead author Stênio de Cássio Zequi, a urologist inSão Paulo, said. ‘The genital mucus membranes of animals could have different characteristics from human genitalia, and the animals’ secretions are probably different from human fluids.'”

This is far more fascinating to me than the constant articles in my local newspaper that run the same mundane information. Occupy Eugene is the perfect example of bland news that has been beat to the ground, yet still holds priority in the news spotlight. The news needs to diversify if it wants to stay alive. They don’t have to start with articles about penile cancer, but it’s a better suggestion than “Local Kid Catches Abundance of Crawdads”, or the repeat on a story that hasn’t progressed with new information.

21. This cracks me up- pun intended

Which came first, the chicken or the puppy?

This probably doesn’t count as a post for my Creative Strategy class, but I’m willing to sacrifice a graded point for it. (Not really Deb, I’ll post an extra one to make up for it)